The Fundación HTGROUP is a non-profit organisation created with the merger of the leading medical transport companies in Spain. The origins of the Fundación HTGROUP date back to 2014.

When the Fundación Ambuibérica was created in 2014 with its headquarters in Valladolid, Ambuibérica wanted to go one step further in the value that outpatient care brings to the public. For this reason, the mission of the foundation has remained unchanged since its beginnings almost 10 years ago: to provide altruistic healthcare, with a clear desire to intervene and raise social awareness of our foundational goals.

In the interest of maintaining the foundation’s core mission, the Fundación HTGROUP carries out several activities:

* Cooperation and Development Assistance Activities.

* Distribution and Shipping of Medications.

* Shipment of Containers with Humanitarian Aid.

* Creation of Training Centres in Spain and Latin America.

* Provision of Voluntary Health Activities.