At HTGROUP we have very clear principles. For this reason, we make our Code of Ethics available to you, in which we define the principles that govern our activity and in which we establish the general framework of our organisational controls. Our objective is to guarantee that all of the activity of the group and our companies is governed by the principles of transparency, legality, quality and excellence.

You can access the content of the HTGROUP Code of Ethics here:

Download Code of Ethics:

HTGroup makes available to its employees, customers, suppliers, collaborators and any interested party a Complaints Channel enabled through the email address 

Real or potential breaches of obligations established by law, the HTGroup Code of Ethics and the policies that develop it or the contracts signed by the HTGroup companies can be reported through the Channel

Additionally, through the Channel you can consult any doubt about the interpretation of the Code of Ethics or any of our policies.

The management of complaints will be carried out with the utmost confidentiality, preserving as much as possible the anonymity of the complainant and individuals involved in the reported events and guaranteeing the non-imposition of sanctions or reprisals for the use of this channel.

Complaints will be managed and analysed by HTGroup’s Regulatory Compliance body.