Medical services

In 2019, work accidents affected 614,497 people who provide their professional services as employees. Of these, 529,421 took place in the workplace: that is, 86.1%.

Some work centres, such as factories, nuclear power plants, shipyards or logistics centres, have large crowds of people or activities that can pose a risk to the health of the staff. In these cases, there are regulations requiring medical service and medical transport to be located within the facilities.

According to article 37.3 of the Prevention Services Regulations, “the health personnel of the prevention service that, where appropriate, exists in the workplace must provide first aid and emergency care to workers who are victims of accidents or disturbances in the workplace. To be specific, the medical services that we propose as preventive activities in HTGROUP allow companies to:

  • Offer on-site care to people who suffer an accident at work, sometimes avoiding trips to health centres.

  • Improve the quality of life of people whose pathology requires professional intervention from the first minutes, such as cardiovascular accidents.

  • Demonstrate the importance of the health of the people who are part of the company teams.