Studies have shown that more than 50% of the incidents faced by tourists are related to accidents or illnesses at their destination. With the inclusion of business travel, it is estimated that 58% of health insurance use is related to aspects covered by the insurer; the majority are health problems or accidents.

Studies conclude that 79% of the activations of health insurance are for medical services and hospitalizations. Activations for repatriations or medical transport represent 11%. The rest are transfers to other centres, early returns or medical transport for companions.

Fractures and minor injuries are the most common reasons for travellers to seek medical assistance. In second place are health problems related to the digestive system or respiratory infections.


Services related to medical transport and repatriations are complex to manage due to  bureaucracy and logistics. At HTGROUP we service travel assistance companies, tour operators and international insurers. Our services guarantee the best care for people who, while travelling, need to return home or travel to other health centres, even if they need health personnel to accompany them during the transfer.