Medical Transport

People who cannot use an ordinary means of transport due to a physical deficiency (temporary or permanent) caused by age, illness, accident or intellectual deficiency are those who require adapted transport for People with Reduced Mobility.

Did you know…?

It is estimated that more than 3.3 million Spanish households contain a person who claims to have a disability: this is 20% of all households in the country. 

5 million people have mobility problems and 74% of those people require help to get out of their homes as a result of architectural barriers.

In Spain, where we enjoy public healthcare and a resulting improval of our quality of life, we ask ourselves what are the causes of disabilities that affect any bodily function. In 39.3% of cases, the causes have to do with diseases of the bones and joints. The rest of the causes are related to auditory (23.8%), visual (21%) and intellectual (19%) diseases.


We have vehicles that have been adapted to transfer people with reduced mobility. These ambulances have mechanical devices to raise and lower patients. In addition, they have the equipment necessary for anchoring wheelchairs. With these adaptations and the knowledge of our technicians, we guarantee comfortable and safe transfers. 

This service allows us to meet the daily needs of day centres, senior residences and rehabilitation centres.