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We are the leading medical transport company in Spain and the second largest in Europe

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With more than 45 years of experience in the medical transport sector, the leading companies in the national and UK markets merged in 2017 to create HTGROUP: the largest operator in Spain and the second largest in Europe.

The corporations that comprise HTGROUP include Transport Sanitari de Catalunya (TSC), Ambuibérica, Transportes Aéreos Sanitarios Isleños, S.A. (TASISA), Quevedo Ambulances and Rodrigo Ambulances.

Innovation in medical transport

Recent new care protocols, such as those for stroke or AMI, have encouraged an evolution in outpatient care. Additionally, the technologies on board ambulances have improved, even offering the possibility of carrying out intensive care therapies and the safe transfer of dialysis or bariatric patients, amongst others. These innovations have resulted in better care and in a better quality of life for people after their recovery.

Our Milestones

Our success has been possible thanks to having combined the experience of all our companies and the knowledge of the professionals who make our services possible. We invest constantly in technological improvements that allow us to guarantee the best coordination of resources and outpatient care.

We are the only company with a national presence. Our team of professionals offers coverage in all of Spain’s Autonomous Communities. Our market share in Spain currently stands at 22%. It should be noted that our central offices are strategically located in different parts of the country, specifically in Barcelona, Valladolid and Madrid. We also have a strong international presence; we are the third largest medical transport operator in the United Kingdom.


At HTGROUP we always want to go one step further and be the source of current and future professionals. To this end, we opened our own training centre in 2011. More than 10,000 students have passed through our training program. In fact, the training centre originally opened its doors to provide training for the official Intermediate Professional Training of our sector: that of Technician in Health Emergencies (TES).